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Hello there! I am a software engineer who likes to share my thoughts through words.

How and when to use on your daily development

Sometime the misconception of disregarding on learning how Primitive and Reference value works on JavaScript is very common on new developers. Sometimes this is just a simple practice that sometimes causes Accidental Complexity on the development on as long run.

Primitive Values

Primitive Values: are values that has a dedicated memory address values on the Stack Memory. They are values and doesn’t have properties.

Let me tell you a story about my JavaScript Fatigue and how i overcome it

JavaScript takes the cake in terms of the most in demand programming language in the world of software development. Due to its popularity, tools are constantly invented quickly with a head turner features.

As a result, developers gets stressed on “keeping up with the JS” and due to this effect, it causes now what we call the “JavaScript Fatigue”.


According to Auth0 which is a security company states that JavaScript Fatigue is defined as:

Real world Apps Development

This topic is all about sharing the right way of implementing security layers in your application whether it is Web, Mobile or Back end service.

The common mistakes done, when building an application are due to its implementation rather than its design. Especially when dealing with security.

I was meticulous with this book because the title is really aggressive. Maybe being aggressive is a trend in a book now a days. Specially one of the famous book I’ve read is titled “The subtle art of not giving a F*ck” by Mark manson.

The initial context of the book is about four personalities and its categorized in four different colors.

These colors are RED, YELLOW, GREEN, and BLUE.

Telling an empirical explanation why i’m preferring ReactJS over AngularJS

ReactJS and AngularJS are tools for developing awesome web applications. It changes the world of web application because of its feature which is the Single Page Application or also known as SPA.

Based on wikipedia, it is a web site that interacts with the user by dynamically rewriting the current page rather than loading entire new pages from a server.

For me as a developer. The biggest difference of the two is AngularJS is a framework, And ReactJS is a library.

For me the empirical definition of framework is


Implementing Function.prototype.bind() for cleaner code in your component

Function.prototype.bind() is very useful when you develop your react application with a function that is not part of the scope on your component.


Assuming that function counter() is on separate file called functions.js. And HomeComponent class is also on a separate file called home-component.js

If you wan’t to share your functions on multiple components. I highly advice that you should put it on a different file and just import it if used.


Simplified explanation between the two data structure

Data structure is a data format on how you organize your data based on your specification or purpose. In layman’s term “Ways of organizing objects”.

It is used on list of Arrays, files, data stream and so much more.


Stack data structure has famous term called LIFO or also known as Last In First Out. It means the last inserted on the stack will be the first to be removed one element at a time starting at the TOP.

It’s a constraint where you follow the rule for adding and removing data in…

Jeffrey Marvin Forones

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